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Vilmantas Varžaitis
   I had to cut the pants y it's wider than I expected.
Russel Jero Aboboto
   It was just what I expected!
Deyon Deveraux
   Tight fit even for small hands.
Niño Reginaldo Santiago Villena
   These are exactly what I was looking for! I wanted a pair of shorts that had a 5" inseam that were loose fitting and easy to move around in. I was worried that the inseam would be too short, that the waistband would be too tight and uncomfortable. I hate when I'm wearing shorts and the inseam is too short or the leg is too tight and the legs ride up. I love that these are simple. I bought a L and am 5'1" 180lbs. The waist band is PERFECT it's not too tight and isn't falling off of my waist. The short length goes slightly past my finger tips and it doesn't hug my legs. I really aprreciate when people mention their measurements as it helps those who use reviews to figure out how they'd measure up too. I will continue to buy these ??
Katrina Howells
   Great! Thanks for providing this experience.
Tiago Pestana
   I bought the CD about one month before we went to see the show.  My husband didn't understand why I would do that but after the first time he heard it, he was raving about it.  The show on Broadway is fantastic and I listen to the soundtrack quite often.  Anybody who grew up with this music will enjoy it.  Can't wait to see the show again.

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