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Perfect fit, only wish the shorts had pockets!
   Yhan Yhan
My wife has always been a fan of Jersey sheets for BB&B, I wasn't really a fan - however these have totally changed my mind! These are SOFT and thick enough they stay in place and feel comfy! We've now purchased several sets and will definitely be purchasing more in the future! Our hats off to Amazon on this one!
   Kamille Calaycay
Love the way that these look and feel.  I found myself continually looking down and admiring them on my feet... weird, I know.
I have custom orthotics that slide into my shoe, and there is enough room for foot and orthotic, though I'm worried that the added size will wear out the elasticity of how the shoe fits my foot.  So far so good!
   Beatriz Kochani
Just what I needed, and the kids thought it was great fun.
   Jayden Sloat
Quality case and perfect for the baseball jersey I'm using it for
   Amiel Kenneth de Guzman
A+++. Great seller!
   Leleth Gardiola Makipagay

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